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Stretch Announces S7000 Family, the Next Generation Software Configurable Processor to reduce Video Surveillance costs

Latest Devices from Stretch Deliver Lowest Cost, Highest Quality Video Processing

SUNNYVALE, Calif., August 3, 2010 – Stretch Inc., the pioneer and leader in software configurable processors, today announced its next generation of software configurable processors. The S7000 family is based on a new S7 architecture and delivers unprecedented performance to video processing applications. With the ability to perform multi-stream, high profile H.264 encoding on up to 16 channels of standard definition video or 1080p60 high definition video, S7000 family devices are the ideal choice for applications such as hybrid DVRs, IP network cameras, video servers, and video decode appliances. Encompassing three family members, the S7000 devices combine the power and flexibility of Stretch software configurable processor technology with Stretch’s highly optimized Intelligent Encoder software, which now includes wide dynamic range image signal processing, to deliver the industry’s best video quality at unrivalled price/performance points. Manufactured on a 65 nanometer low-power process, S7000 devices provide the lowest power solution for video applications.

“The new S7000 family resets the price performance bar in video applications,” said Craig Lytle, Stretch president and CEO. “The performance achieved by S7000 family devices, along with their high level of integration, makes them a perfect fit for DVRs and high definition IP cameras. For the first time, all the image signal processing, video compression, and analytics required for a state-of-the-art 1080p60 IP camera can be performed by a single device. This dramatically reduces system costs, complexity, and power consumption.”

Video Quality Reduces Bandwidth and Cuts Storage Costs
The largest cost drivers for video surveillance solutions are the bandwidth requirements for networking and the storage (disk drive) costs for DVRs and NVRs. In the absence of new, higher compression video encoding standards, the video surveillance industry has reached a plateau in terms of reducing overall systems costs. Stretch, building on its extensive experience in video processing, has developed its S7 architecture and Intelligent Encoder software to provide broadcast-quality video at less than half the bit-rate of any alternative. This allows more streams to be sent across networks and enables more video to be stored on disk drives.

Read more: http://www.stretchinc.com/news/pr_080310.php

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