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The 'First' IP video security camera that uses TI's DaVinci tech……

NexVision announced the first IP video security camera prototype based on Texas Instruments‘ (TIDaVinci technology. The Nexdome Dragonfly leverages the dual-core TMS320DM644x architecture based on DaVinci technology to create a versatile, plug-and-play video security solution that can be tailored to meet specific customer demands. The company also integrated TI’s differentiated analog companion products in the design of the Dragonfly, such as video decoders, amplifiers, power LDOs, power DC/DC switches, USB switch and more.

The Nexdome Dragonfly features a 360 degree X180 immersive lens on a high resolution 5MP CMOS 1/1.8 inch sensor, allowing the user to view a full scene or zoom in through a virtual pan/tilt/zoom display without diminishing image quality. Depending on the video image size, Dragonfly provides different video codecs ranging from MJPEG to MPEG4 Part 10 (H.264) from 6 frames per second (fps) in high definition up to 30 fps in VGA and D1. It also supports streaming and standard network protocols such as RTP/RTCP, PPP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Telnet, DNS and DHCP, as well as offering a large choice of wired and wireless IP links such as Ethernet, WIFI, Power line, xDSL and GPRS/EDGE.

Read more: http://www.eetasia.com/ART_8800421762_480800_NP_0ee17ec9.HTM

Source: EET times



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