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ipConfigure Surveillance Software Secures City Schools

Hampton City Schools (HCS), a school district which boasts a 97% accreditation rate, has recently chosen ipConfigure’s Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM)solution to protect and secure its students, staff, and property. Axis IP cameras were selected as the camera of choice and will initially be put in place to monitor each schools server room and also to monitor the administration building. Eventually, the project will exceed 250 cameras across 50 different locations.

Hampton City Schools was looking for asolution that was innovative, reliable, and secure; “I can’t really express how pleased they [Security Personnel] were with the system [ESM] and how excited they were to have a direction to move,” said Chris Martin the Senior System Administrator for HCS.

ipConfigure ESM 4.5 essentially beat out the competition for five main reasons. The first reason is the ability to provide live video feeds to the police department, such as the SWAT team. Hampton City Schools also needed an easy method to retrieve recorded video from the system and ESM’s intuitive video search histogram did just that. A third factor was simply the fact that ESM is so easy to use and manage.

The scalability of ESM 4.5 was another major factor in Hampton City Schools’ decision to select ipConfigure. Having the ability to deploy cameras one at a time allows HCS to have the system installed and ready for each school to come online as needed and as funds are available. Also, with a low entry cost, HCS will be able to start with a smaller deployment and grow as its needs and budget increase. ESM 4.5 is capable of supporting HCS’ existing analog cameras which lowers the school districts transition from analog to IP cost.

Lastly, Hampton City Schools was amazed at the fact that authorized users would have remote access while at home or on the road to view security events without having to drive to the site. The HTML browser interface of ESM allows users to have access to video feed from any computer or PDA with an internet connection. This removes the need to install client software and also provides a single point of access for administrators to manage all surveillance aspects.

ipConfigure is focused on a scalable enterprise surveillance solution and looks forward to securing all ofHampton City Schools, “our relationship with Hampton City Schools is an extremely positive one. They have given us a chance to eventually manage their whole district which is an opportunity we are very excited about,” said Chris Uiterwyk, co-founder and owner of ipConfigure.

Thanks: IPconfigure/http://www.ipconfigure.com/



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