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Challenger IP Video Security for West Australian Cricket Association

Source: John Adams

Austech Surveillance has installed a single Challenger security system supported by multiple IP LAN adaptors to replace multiple security systems at Perth’s huge West Australian Cricket Association ground. The new solution was cost effective to install and is managed by a single workstation.
Since the first grandstand was built on this site way back in 1895, the West Australian Cricket Association ground in Perth, (known as the WACA to locals), has been the premier sporting facility in Western Australia. It has hosted test match cricket, rugby league and AFL matches at the highest levels.

With the recent approval by the W.A. Government of the Riverside Master Plan, which included the proposed redevelopment of the WACA Ground into a more modern facility for cricket with commercial, retail and residential elements, the installation of a capable and scalable access control solution has been vital to the future security of the WACA site.

Read more: http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com.au/NewsDetail/10-07-30/challenger_ip_for_west_australian_cricket_association.aspx
Thanks: securityelectronicsandnetworks.com.au


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