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School Surveillance: A Failing Grade?

Source: James Careless/GovernmentVideo – In the past 10 years, 284 people have been killed in U.S. school-associated violent deaths. Of those, 130 were shot; others were stabbed, beaten to death or committed suicide. In response to these tragedies, many schools have beefed up their security procedures, including adding or upgrading school video surveillance systems.

“Use of video surveillance by schools spiked following the Columbine High School attack in 1999,” says Kenneth S. Trump. He is President of National School Safety and Security Services,which operates http://www.SchoolSecurity.org, an independent consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. “The Columbine attack sent shockwaves through the education community and forced schools to try to play catch-up with decades of neglect in the most basic security and emergency preparedness measures. Security technology was one of multiple pieces of the puzzle many school districts incorporated into their beefed up security programs.”

This said, the current state of U.S. school video surveillance can only be described as chaotic. “There are no across-the-board minimum standards or a common approach to school video surveillance from school board to school board, or even school to neighboring school,” says Chuck Hibbert, president of Hibbert Safe School Consulting in Indianapolis. “Moreover, parents are frequently resistant to the notion of making their schools more secure; even parents who work in secured environments in their jobs!”

Read more: http://www.governmentvideo.com/article/96544

Source: James Careless/GovernmentVideo



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