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PSA Security Network Partners With Cernium to Offer CheckVideo Intelligent Video Alarm Verification Solution

Cernium announced today a partnership with PSA Security Network®, the world’s largest electronic security cooperative representing security systems integrators, for PSA to resell Cernium’s CheckVideo® intelligent video verification solution. PSA will promote the product to its network of leading systems integrators and work together with Cernium to provide education and training programs.

CheckVideo transforms the way that central stations monitor and verify alarms by performing real-time analysis of monitored video and presenting critical visual information to security monitoring personnel. CheckVideo not only reduces false alarms but makes operators more efficient by allowing them to respond more effectively to situations that require their attention. Seamlessly integrated with central station automation software, CheckVideo is a hosted solution that cost-effectively incorporates advanced video analytics and web-based video management functionality.

“CheckVideo cost-effectively provides greater protection to end users while giving monitoring service providers and dealers another important source of recurring monthly revenue,” said Philip Robertson, Vice President, Security & Alarm Division, Cernium Corporation. “Our partnership with PSA allows us to promote the product to an extensive network of highly qualified systems integrators, as well as provide them with training to successfully sell and install the product.”

Read more: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/press/alarm-verification-solution,1401221.html

Source: Earthtimes



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