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Vietnam Incumbent VDC Brings OVS™ VSaaS Technology to Vietnamese Mass-Market

Source: PRweb – VDC Online (www.vdc.com.vn) today announced the signing of a Distribution Agreement with NeoVSP™ (www.neovsp.com), a market leader in Video Surveillance as a Service (VsaaS) solutions. With OVS™ (Online Video Surveillance) solution, VDC can offer Vietnamese customers a cost-effective mass-market solution delivered as a service over Internet. Using only an IP camera, the customer can access the live and recorded video from anywhere, anytime.

OVS™ is a patented, carrier-grade, MVaaS (Managed Video as a Service) solution for Telecom/ISP providers, monitoring companies, and large integrators, as managed service providers (MSP). It is a centrally hosted video monitoring solution designed for the mass market. NeoVSP’s™ platform intelligently stores and manages video content originating from IP and analog cameras, and efficiently delivers this content to multiple user devices, such as web browsers, mobile phones, and media sets, for mass market usage.

OVS™ enables operators to penetrate the new VAS markets, and transform existing monitoring services to a managed service with recurring payments. OVS™ virtually eliminates the costs of storing and analyzing video content, while assuring instant ROI (return on investment).

Thanks: PRweb



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