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Sony and Milestone Collaborates to Enhance Reliability of Surveillance Technologies with Edge Recording Solution

Source: Sony Electronics Asia Pacific/ASMAG

Sony Electronics Asia Pacific in collaboration with Milestone Systems has developed an edge recording solution designed to enhance reliability and performance of its CCTV surveillance technologies. The latest edge recording solution will be incorporated into Sony’s Generation 5 series of CCTV cameras.

Sony and Milestone have worked together to determine the formats of recording and retrieving protocols, to realize the seamless process between recording IP video that is stored on the camera, yet also included afterwards in the XProtect archiving server.

“Milestone and Sony share the same desire to improve the reliability of IP video surveillance through edge recording,” said John Blem, CTO and Co-Founder, Milestone Systems. “Our companies have had intensive engineer-to-engineer collaborative work to develop this solution since a year ago.”

The edge recording solution that Milestone and Sony are developing is a unique solution. An XProtect server can retrieve recorded video and audio with the same codec, image size, FPS and bit rate as live streams of IP video from a camera via RTSP or HTTP. As a result, the edge recording solution will expand choices for end-users and installers when designing surveillance systems that require high reliability.

Read more: http://www.asmag.com/suppliers/PressReleases.aspx?co=videosecurity#

Thanks: Sony Electronics Asia Pacific/ASMAG



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