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Next Level Security Systems Introduces the NLSS HD Media Decoder

Source: BUSINESS WIRE – Next Level Security Systems (www.nlss.com), a physical security company developing a new breed of unified, networked security solutions, today announced the release of the NLSS HD Media Decoder, the first completely open, full HD decoder on the market for security applications.

“Next Level Security Systems’ HD Media Decoders provide a convenient way to display video from IP cameras and video encoders on LCD, LED and Plasma monitors or televisions,” said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and CEO, Next Level Security Systems. “The technology delivers unprecedented picture quality, accurate color and precise image scaling, and enables users to monitor security video more effectively and stream stored or online media when needed.”

NLSS HD Media Decoders can display up to four simultaneous streams of HD 1080p video to a single monitor. It supports multiple video pane layouts including 1×1, 1×2 and 2×2. The NLSS HD Media Decoders can also stream stored media content or available online content, making it ideal for digital signage or viewing video from the Internet. 7.1 Surround Sound audio is also supported with the NLSS HD Media Decoders. When combined with the NLSS Gateway, multiple NLSS HD Media Decoders can be networked to build a cost-effective, multi-display video wall.

The product offers flexibility and openness by supporting common digital video formats such as H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG, and supports most IP cameras and encoders that incorporate ONVIF and PSIA standards, and RSTP protocol. It also includes auto discovery capabilities for most IP-based surveillance cameras and encoders, and is customizable through an API. Furthermore, it offers an intuitive camera/media channel menu, and view and sequence browsing via an optional remote control.

Although the media decoder was designed and developed for security purposes, it also brings significant value as a digital signage tool. The NLSS HD Media Decoder enables users to easily display stored content, such as promotional or advertising videos, or digital posters alongside available online content, stored videos or live camera footage. Media decoders also enable users to set up sequences to cycle through customized view layouts at a specified speed.

This innovative product is part of a broad family of unified and intuitive networked solutions including the NLSS Gateway, NLSS External Storage and NLSS MultiTouch Console.

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Source: Newswire/NLSS



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