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Count Them Down: Integrators Name Top 5 Technologies for 2010

Source: Sabrina Gasulla/SDM – New technology has steadily changed the way the security industry does business all along; new product offerings are what have kept the market alive. Most recently, however, developing technologies have not only required adoption and adaptation, but complete business model retooling!

SDM asked the 100 largest systems integrators, as ranked by its annual Top Systems Integrators Report, which five technologies they believed would have the greatest impact on their businesses this year. These are the results, ranked by number of total picks.

Coming in at No. 5, and disputing the title with storage and compression technologies, washosted and managed services. While not a “technology” in the strictest sense, more and more in the industry agree that product margins are shrinking and will never go back to what they once were, and so more and more companies are switching their focus from products to services that will allow them to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR) to sustain their businesses and allow them to continue to install low-profit “boxes.”

One managed service enabling technology that many integrators agreed would have a high impact was Web-hosted services. “As integrated security management system software applications become browser-based, it gives the client better remote access during off hours and enables more users to view the system simultaneously,” commented   Integrated Security Technologies Inc., Herndon, Va.

For end-users, remotely hosted systems mean one less headache — or five — and for integrators, it’s an added opportunity for revenue. “This technology is becoming more popular with IT-centric customers as they’re relieved of hardware/software maintenance issues.  From our perspective, we’re encouraged by the RMR sales model,” said Protex Central Inc., Hastings,Neb., of Web-hosted access control.

No. 4 on the list was integration platforms. North American Video, Brick, N.J., explained the need for convergence of security systems: “As IP moves forward systems will become one over a shared IT protocol the customer develops, instead of separate video, access, time-keeping systems. Customers will require more in-depth and complex integrated systems that operate with each other.”

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Source: Sabrina Gasulla/www.sdmmag.com



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