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Schneider Electric appoints new Executive Vice President

“Dean has done an outstanding job leading our Pelco organization, and with his leadership I’m confident we will execute on the bold growth agenda we have for our Buildings Business,” said Curtis. “Pelco is an important part of this business and with Dean’s background we will take advantage of the many opportunities we have to strengthen and grow Pelco and more closely align Pelco with our overall organization.”

Meyer shares Curtis’ vision and agenda for company growth and expansion. “I am excited about the opportunity to help lead our organization and further our ambition – especially during a time when our business and solutions could not be more relevant to the world’s most critical concerns around energy, security and business performance,” said Meyer. “We are proud of the fact that Pelco products will play a key role in achieving this vision.”

Meyer stated that Pelco remains 100% committed to their existing specialized sales channels (independent sales representatives, dealers, distributors, and all resellers remain the same), and that this does not affect the Pelco business model in any way. With Pelco’s closer alignment to the Buildings Business, there are no plans to replace Meyer’s former position.

“These changes certainly will not affect who Pelco is, nor will they affect Pelco’s commitment to our customers. Pelco customer service is legendary, and the entire organization will benefit from our closer interaction. We are still the same people, with the same products and the same priorities.  Pelco products now simply have more visibility and influence within the Schneider Electric Buildings Business,” added Meyer. “I look forward to being a champion of Pelco products, technologies and services for the Buildings Business.”

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