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3VR and Diebold Partner for Searchable ATM Video Security Solution

Source: Marketwire/Comtex)

3VR Security, Inc., the global leader in intelligent surveillance and search, today announced an enhanced integration with Diebold ATM platforms, making it easier than ever before for financial institutions to improve their security by linking ATM transactions to surveillance systems. This partnership provides security personnel with unprecedented visibility into ATM activity, enabling them to immediately access surveillance footage based on transaction number, time stamp and many other vectors. With the integration, banks can instantly cross-reference ATM transaction data with security video footage while leveraging 3VR’s advanced analytics like facial surveillance and license plate recognition.

This new partnership between 3VR and Diebold arms financial institutions with a powerful new solution to help in their crackdown on ATM and other types of financial fraud. ATM fraud has increased dramatically over the past few years with the development of a series of sophisticated methods including skimming, ghost ATMs, ram-raids, pin IDs, automated pin changes, SMS attacks and malware. A survey conducted by Bank Info Security found that in 2008, financial institutions lost an average of $744,321 annually, with some reporting as high as $12 million in losses to ATM fraud alone.

Now, with an easy-to-install software plug-in, financial institutions can integrate video surveillance with ATM transactions with even greater ease and security to gain more accurate and actionable data faster than ever before.

Thanks: MarketWire



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