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Niscayah Serves Netherlands Supermarkets with Comprehensive Security Solutions

Swedish security integrator Niscayah has signed an agreement with one of the largest retail organizations in the Netherlands including supermarkets Jumbo, C1000, and Super de Boer.

In accordance with the agreement Niscayah has been appointed as the national security partner and will in the first phase connect 350 supermarkets to the Niscayah security operations center. The supermarkets will have one central point of contact at Niscayah for all matters relating to security. The agreement also meansNiscayah has a potential of adding another 400 supermarkets within the retailers’ franchise network within the coming years.

Approximately 300 of the total 750 supermarkets will during a two-year period also be upgraded with the “Niscayah One-for-All” concept including implementation, maintenance, and service of burglary alarm, video surveillance system, access control, fire detection and evacuation system.

Also for these stores everything will be linked to the Niscayah security operations center via the customer’s VPN network, where verification and control of incidents can be done remotely. This enables the supermarkets to make cost savings in surveillance services. In addition to the implementation of the system and connection to the Niscayah security operations center, Niscayah will also be responsible for maintenance and service thereof.

“We are very proud that three leading supermarket chains have chosen Niscayah. This proves once more that our unique security concept adds value for our customers through deploying security more efficiently and saving money for the customer as a result”, said Marc Deelen, Country President of NetherlandsNiscayah.

Source: ASMAG/Niscayah



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