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Theia Lens Plays Role in World Cup Controversy

Camera Corps selected Theia Technologies’ ultra wide angle, undistorted megapixel lens in their Net-Cam system to cover World Cup soccer play.  The Net-Cam uses Theia’s MY125M lens on Toshiba’s IK-HR1S 2.1 megapixel camera.   The lens provides up to 125 degrees horizontal field of view and dramatically reduces the fisheye distortion of typical wide angle lenses.

Two Net-Cam modules, both including a Theia lens, were mounted in each of the 10 South Africa venues used during the FIFA World Cup soccer competition.  The Net-Cam system was developed by Camera Corps specifically for the FIFA World Cup to capture the entire goal-mouth from the rear corner of the net.

And capture it did.  Net-Cam became central in the controversy surrounding the referee call that denied England a goal against Germany in their June 27th cup match.  The image below shows the disallowed goal captured by Camera Corps’ Net-Cams and Theia’s lens during England’s 4-1 defeat by Germany.  The image was embellished to show how a goal line would have to look for the ball to not have crossed it.  Despite video evidence to the contrary, Cup officials disallowed the goal and sparked a controversy about how best to monitor goal-scoring during soccer games in general and World Cup play in particular.

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Source: http://www.eurosecurity.de



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