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The security week that was: 06/11/10

Source: Geoff Kohl, Chief Editor, Securityinfowatch

A technology response is also appropriate here if the FBI is right that Islamic terrorists are going to use harmless bags to burden our responders. Two recent improvements in video surveillance systems have been 1) faster access to video surveillance data and 2) automated identification of events.

On the automatic identification side, there are scores of companies in the video analytics field that have workable solutions for “object left behind” incidents. These analytics companies have been showing their wares at the tradeshows for years and the systems are reportedly improving in their efficiency. Adoption of this technology has been slow (cost, false positives, and time required for a high-quality installation have been the intial factors that have slowed adoption), but if we see a strong influx of suspicious bags and packages, these analytics technologies could really explode.

Beyond analytics, newer video management systems and plug-ins like the BriefCam video synopsis system, means video surveillance users can access archived video faster than ever. Centralized VMS systems means security officers and police officers don’t have to run all around the buildings to access DVR monitors and VCRs, but can quickly scan through an entire facility’s video data in one location. Responders who find a potential package bomb in a train station can theoretically find the video within minutes and use the video to attempt to ascertain whether they were dealing with a forgetful passenger or a would-be terrorist. Finally, the overall increase in user of cameras in soft-target environments means better follow-up, so that police can track down those persons using would-be package bombs to tax our law enforcement response abilities.

Read More: http://bit.ly/bV5PBD

Thanks: Securityinfowatch/Geoff Kohl



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