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Invention provides quicker, more efficient use of surveillance videos

Professor Shlomo Peleg of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invented a system for enabling investigators to view key segments only from many hours of video camera surveillance. Credit: Hebrew University photo by Sasson Tiram

Millions of surveillance cameras around the world are today watching public and private areas around the clock, providing police with a valuable tool for catching perpetrators carrying out criminal acts. Rapid apprehension of the recent attempted Times Square, New York, bomber was a sensational example. However, since video browsing and retrieval in the millions of cameras is time consuming – involving sometimes days or weeks of review — most recorded video is never watched or examined.

A solution to this problem has been developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem -computer software that provides a synopsis of recorded , generating a very short video preserving the essential activities of the original video captured over a very long time period. For example, a video covering a full day can be summarized in a synopsis only a few minutes long.

(Similar solution has been developed by www.vitamindinc.com)

Read more: http://www.physorg.com/news195215046.html

Thanks: Physorg.com/Hebrew University



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