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IndigoVision IP Surveillance Makes Australian Remote Monitoring Easier

IndigoVision’s complete IP video security solution is at the heart of a national video and alarm monitoring center based in Queensland, Australia. Developed by Naskam Security Services, the purpose-built control room provides live surveillance services to a diverse range of remote sites across Australia.

“Over 5 years ago, Naskam set about looking for a quality product that would allow us to provide live video monitoring services to clients across the country at an affordable cost, whilst providing the highest quality of recording equipment,” said Chad Wright, Naskam’s GM. “After testing many different vendors, we chose IndigoVision’s solution as it provided us with a number of unique features and the ability to deliver excellent video quality, with minimum bandwidth.”

IndigoVision’s compression technology allows Naskam to monitor high-quality video from remote sites using Next G/3-G wireless links where traditional hardwired ADSL or fiber connections are not available. This enables Naskam to maximize the number of cameras that can be monitored over the available bandwidth and minimize their network costs. Naskam currently monitors numerous remote sites including shopping malls, city centers and utility infrastructures.

Thanks: IPVSG



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