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HELIX Partners With Iveda Solutions to Enhance Tenant Security

HELIX Asset Management and Iveda Solutions (OTCBB: IVDA) announced today a strategic alliance to enhance the safety and security of business tenants in properties managed by HELIX. Iveda Solutions began the installation of security cameras a few weeks ago at two HELIX properties. Using these cameras, hosted by Iveda Solutions, tenants are able to remotely monitor their stores 24/7, while HELIX is able to centrally manage and access all their properties in multiple locations under one login, from anywhere they have access to a web browser.

“This kind of business partnership and cooperation is good for the community in general. Improving safety and security requires a united effort and I’m very excited to see our technology and services being leveraged in this way,” says David Ly, President and CEO of Iveda Solutions.

When businesses close for the day, Iveda Solutions takes over the cameras. The company’s intervention specialists watch the properties in real-time. Any suspicious activities are reported to the police as events unfold for immediate response. The next day, HELIX and the tenants get a daily surveillance report (DSR), consisting of time-stamped screen captures of what transpired the previous night. If they want to review certain footage, they simply go online to do so.

“This is by far the best security system I’ve used for both of my stores; not only does it provide security, it also allows me to supervise my employees remotely,” says Luis Brito, owner of Mundo Cellular, a store at one of the properties managed by HELIX.

More information: http://www.ivedasolutions.com




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