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Do you have the right Security Camera mix?

Part One – June 2010

Today there is a big choice of all sorts of camera’s. You can choose from several sorts of shapes, resolutions, wide-angle, 360, thermal……. But do you, as installer or integrator, have the right mix? Or are you oone of those installers that only sells what gives you the right margin?

Dome’s – A must for every body, the fastest growing form factor in teh Industry today. Domes can be installed everywhere and they look nice! So put in the mix, not only because they are useful but also; they just look much better as a box cam.

360 Degree Cameras – A big promise for years, but now it seems its getting a real. Having 360 in your mix is a must to be successful the coming years and te be able to give your customer the latest and greatest and… saving money. Yes with the new 5MP 360 cams its getting real that you can replace 3 or 4 cams with one 360 cam….. and think about the killer apps you can create when analytics will become more available on 360 video! Look at Sentry360 for there complete line of 360 products, also Mobotix is having a nice 360 solution.

Thermal Cameras – Good perimeter security is almost impossible with the support of thermal cameras. So don’t tell your customer that its enough to have infrared, its not. Go thermal for the best night result. Flir and Axis having some great thermal cams.

Megapixel Cameras – He, who can live without them! Megapixel  (HD) is here to stay. So when you don’t have Megapixel in your line-up….. you don’t want that your customer is having a good system. Because why do people want video security………..? YES, to see something. Some brands;  IQinVision, Axis, Acti…….

Low-Res Cameras – Yep still there and they wont leave for a while, even with the fast growth of Megapixel. A low-res cam, for example 640×480, can still be very useful. Cost effective and when bought at the right factory useful in a lot scenario’s.

PTZ –  The only PTZ you should have in your mix are the fast ones. Replace the rest (toys) with Digital PTZ, for example with 5 Megapixel Dome cameras.

Intelligent Cameras – Intelligent Camera are getting more traction… But why doing everything at the edge? Thats the big question. But my advice, at this point of time (with limited bandwidth availability) it seems a good solution. So take that in your mix, when people want remote solutions, but when there is not much bandwidth available.  Take a look at VIDEOIQ, they have the focus on edge camera devices.




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