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IPv6 Deployment Practices and Recommendations

IPv6/IPv4 NAPTMany critics cite the length of time that IPv6 has been in development. It is after all, a project that has over a ten year history in the standards process. However, when one considers the breadth and complexity of the standards involved a certain maturity is conveyed that the industry can now leverage upon. The protocol has evolved significantly since the first proposals for its predecessor, IPng. Many or most of the initial shortcomings and pitfalls have been addressed to the point where actual deployment is a very tractable proposition. Along this evolution several benefits have been added to the suite that directly benefits the network staff and end user populous. Some these benefits are listed below. Note that this is not an inclusive list.

  • Increased Addressing Space
  • Superior mobility
  • Enhanced end to end security
  • Better transparency for next generation multimedia applications & services

Read More: http://bit.ly/edkoelher

Thanks: Ed Koelher/Source: Ed Koelher’s Blog



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