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MeFeedia Launches New HTML5 Video Analytics Suite

MeFeedia, a video search engine for the web’s video, announced the launch of a video analytics suite for HTML5 video, enabling the tracking of video engagement across Web, mobile and TV – everything from Apple’s iPad to Android mobile phones to Web TV platforms such as the upcoming Google TV.

“Consumers are increasingly watching video on all screens from laptops to smart phones, Desktops to TVs,” said Frank Sinton, CEO of MeFeedia. “With a cross-platform look at what, how and where content is being watched – in real-time – advertisers and publishers can immediately react to the changing demands of consumers and clients.”

According to a release, the new HTML5 video analytics offering is broken up into sections; Summary, Recent, Popular, Devices, Videos and Channels and can be sorted by the Web address for navigation between publishing outlets. Each section provides an opportunity for users to gather granular data for a single video or an aggregate view for videos in a library. There are options to scribble notes directly into a graph using a mouse, and downloadable export options including CSV, XLS & XML for sharing. The entire interface is also available on the iPad, with full graphing and charting functionality using HTML5.

Read More: http://www.mefeedia.com

Thanks: BNet



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