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Event: ScanSource Security Announces 2010 Solution Series

As a leader in advancing the awareness and benefits of IP security technologies, ScanSource Security remains committed to creating education and training opportunities that enable security dealers to more effectively sell IP video solutions to their end-user customers. Through the Solution Series, ScanSource Security takes dealers past the basics of implementing IP solutions to more advanced, focused opportunities.

“Since the inception of our company, we have worked hard to educate and inform our dealer and reseller partners about the benefits and opportunities of offering IP solutions through our past IP Workshops. We believe these events have been very helpful to the dealer community, and we are now offering more advanced courses to help our customers as their businesses progress and evolve, just as the security industry continues to do,” said Tony Sorrentino, vice president of sales, ScanSource Security.

“Axis’ mission is to be a driving force in bringing the full benefits of intelligent network video solutions to customers, so we fully support ScanSource Security’s Solution Series,” said Larry Newman, director of sales, Axis Communications Inc. “Because education is such an important factor in the ongoing shift from analog to IP surveillance, we applaud any program – from the basic to the advanced – that will bring end users a better security solution through network technology.”

Read more: http://www.scansourcesecurity.com/




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