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BVI Networks’ Real-time Shopper Behavior Metrics Are Now Integrated With Indyme Solutions’ Automatic Alerts, Addressing Organized Retail Crime Hurdles and In-store Activity Data

Now, retailers can receive automatic alerts in real-time, allowing them to address activity such as theft, shopper waiting times, and high-volume traffic right when it happens. With the integration of automatic messaging, Indyme brings added value to the BVI Network’s RetailNEXT solution by triggering real-time notifications prompted by key shopper behavior metrics and monitored activities around the store.
Thresholds are set using RetailNEXT that send specific alerts to Indyme’s Event Response System (ERS), triggering an automatic message to the end user. Alerts can be set for a variety of events including out of stocks, boosts in traffic, and key POS activities such as returns, cash transactions, voids, and security violations. Connect ERS also allows users to define an alert escalation sequence if the alert has not been responded to after a designated period of time. The most urgent and actionable shopper events detected by the RetailNEXT solution are sent as alerts to an associate’s wireless phone, PDA, two-way radio, pager, or overhead P.A.
When an event happens, specified associates will be notified. For example, the RetailNEXT system detects high traffic, or long dwell or wait times, or product picks and sweep alerts. These alerts from the system are picked up by Indyme’s Connect ERS and sent as real-time notifications to store managers or associates. What’s more, at any time, reports can be generated for management review of daily, weekly, or monthly activity around the store or chain-wide. “Whether it’s an out of stock event, a spike in traffic in a key department or a potential theft, the data from the RetailNEXT system can now be put in the hands of retailers so quickly that they can take actions that will immediately impact their store,” says BVI Networks, CEO, Alexei Agratchev.

Read more: http://www.bvinetworks.com/

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