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FutureSentry keeps criminals away

FutureSentry keeps criminals away
FutureSentry prevents crime by combining the universal presence of surveillance technology with active involvement, just like human guards. Its inventors, former law enforcement and intelligence officers, relied on their knowledge of criminal behavior to design a robotic device that persuades intruders that they are not alone, and that their role has switched from hunter to hunted .

Because FutureSentry identifies people and gets involved with them before they near a protected area — as far as 1,000 feet from the robot’s post — when it does its job successfully, nothing happens.Criminals trigger alarms and surveillance technology becomes useful only when a crime is already in progress. Often when current technology minimizes shrinkage and helps prosecute criminals, total cost of each incident far exceeds the on-site loss.

When FutureSentry is on guard, reported incidents reduce by 80% – 90%. FutureSentry goes to work before a break-in starts and intelligently assumes its normal patrol as soon as the area is clear, eliminating incident follow-up costs as well as crime itself.

Read more: http://bit.ly/smartipvideo_futuresentry




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