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SMART IP VIDEO, video analytics, Video Surveillance

Charter for a democratic use of video-surveillance!

A tough read, but its interesting. Read more here >>> http://bit.ly/cUq3G7
“The installation of a video-surveillance system must be justified The decision to install a system should be based upon necessity.
Necessity can be termed as the adequate balancing of circumstances and needs on one hand and, on the other, the appropriate response,
in this case the use of video-surveillance. It is based on this need and these circumstances that the decision can be considered correct and the action necessary. The principle of necessity requires a clear demonstration of the reasoning behind an action, thereby justifying it. It is upon this principle of necessity that depends the decision to install a video-surveillance system. Necessity can be considered prescriptive, as it renders actions imperative, in the sense that there is no other measure that can attain the same goal as effectively.”

A tough read, but its interesting. Read more here >>> http://bit.ly/cUq3G7

Thanks: SMART IP VIDEO BLOG & NEWS/European Forum for Urban Security



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