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Bandwidth penetration in the USA does not justify so many start-ups and initiatives on the cloud/saas front for video security….

Its interesting to see how many companies (start-ups and the well known players) are investing in cloud and saas services in the USA while the broadband coverage is so low? Why do these companies do not invest all thatt money in regions where there is broadband availability for a lower price?  Its seems to me that lets say 70% of teh saas/cloud start-ups is already “dead” before that whole market becomes interesting.

Top 10 Countries, Average Measured Connection Speed

Where is the USA? Spend your money where the broadband is!!!!!

A great of example of this, lets call it a mistake,  mistake is the fact that the world wants more resolution, demands resolution. But because the bandwidth is not there to give a good resolution for a reasonable price companies are lowering there own standards to get business. So now they justifying a cif resolution just to sell there stuff… And what will the user say again (we have seen this before with all the crapy dvr’s that are doing x number of images per second on stamp size) they will see cloud/saas services for video secrity as inferior. Just becasue so called smart business people think they are onto a goldmine when going the cloud/saas way. I can say that every start-up in saas/cloud solutions has to take a really good look at what they are planning to sell, how and WHERE! Spend some time for example on the broadband penetration in your area!




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