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Sentry 360 Enters a Technology Partnership with NICE Systems to Offer Advanced Security Surveillance with 360-degree Camera Capabilities

Sentry 360 today announced a technology partnership between Sentry’s advanced 360-degree immersive camera product line and NICE Systems’ video surveillance solutions, which integrate real-time analysis, IP networking, recording and management to enable automatic threat detection, instant verification, event resolution and effective investigation.

Less is More

Thomas Carnevale president of Sentry 360 says, “NICE is a well established global leader in the security sector, offering a broad portfolio of innovative security technology, ranging from open, IP-based video surveillance systems to full-fledged solutions for situation management to a broad variety of vertical markets, including city centers, transportation systems, critical infrastructure, and enterprise campuses, and . In addition, NICE has a large installed base of customers using hybrid systems with full support for advanced IP video like the 360-degree camera solutions we provide at Sentry 360. We are very excited to offer customers the option to use our integrated solution and move forward together to deliver a solution that enables complete visibility with no-blind spots and no-moving parts.”

Read More: http://bit.ly/sentry360




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