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LPR anti-theft system reduces driveaway losses at petrol stations in Sweden

The Swedish Fuel Traders Association reports the industry loses over SEK 50 million (approximately $7 million) every year from people driving off without paying for their fuel purchases. Ingalill Sedell, manager of a filling station in Örebro, Sweden, decided it was time to do something about mounting losses at her family’s 24-hour Statoil gasoline station and shop. The station has ten pumps, serving some 900 customers each day and as many as 1,200 during peak spring months. According to Sedell’s calculations, just one drive-off with a full tank resulted in a loss that required an entire day of fuel sales to recuperate.

Various counteraction systems had been tested at different stations, but they were either too expensive or negatively affected customer purchasing patterns. In Nordic countries, gasoline and food buffets are paid after the fact. If customers are asked to pay before the delicacies are served, they would be offended—the same applies to fuel purchases. As Sedell cast about for a solution to limit her businesses losses, she was introduced to a new license plate recognition (LPR) analytics and video surveillance system intended to supplement filling station security systems.

IQinVision’s IQeye HD Megapixel cameras are being deployed in a Swedish project to cut down on costly gas station “driveaways”. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Milestone Systems and Niscayah.

The anti-theft system is comprised of a Milestone XProtect Corporate video surveillance management platform running Milestone XProtect LPR Analytics, with at least two IQinVision IQeye megapixel cameras per station deployed to record the gas pump areas. All customer license plate data is captured in crystal-clear IQeye image quality and fed to a Niscayah Customer Service Center, where the license plate data is stored in a database.




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