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Cisco White Paper – Video Applications for Public Safety: Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Costs

……….This white paper summarizes the public safety challenges that video addresses, explains advances in video technology relevant to public safety, and describes video solutions from Cisco and its technology partners that are proven and available today.
When video is transmitted over IP networks, it helps to solve major public safety challenges:
  • Improving citizen service: When first responders receive automatic notification of events such as gunshots without waiting for citizens to call, they can respond more quickly to come to victims’ aid, protect bystanders, and interview witnesses.
  • Enhancing quality of life: Communities that have video surveillance cameras report that citizens feel safer. This perception can even contribute to economic benefits such as higher property values.
  • Increasing the speed and precision of decision making: Earlier awareness of events enables public safety agencies to act preemptively to prevent incidents or to reduce their depth and duration.
  • Providing powerful evidence: A clear video clip creates powerful evidence for prosecution or exoneration and sometimes avoids the need to go to court.
  • Applying appropriate force: Video provides situational awareness so that the commandcenter does not dispatch two people when 10 are needed, or 10 when two are needed.

Read complete white paper here: http://bit.ly/smartipvideo_cisco

Thanks: Cisco



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