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New analytics platform provides intelligent, real-time surveillance

BRS Labs, of Houston, TX, is introducing a new product to the market — the world’s first video surveillance behavioral analytics platform known as AISight.

AISight serves as the eyes and ears of any critical security environment by watching, analyzing and then identifying suspicious behavior 24/7.

“We have developed a product that is behavioral analytics and it’s really the first type of software of its kind where we have the ability to observe and learn what is normal or abnormal in the field of view of a camera,” Lynn Welch, director of communications for BRS Labs, explains it like this; “It learns the same as a human does, through observation over time.”

“One of the things we built into the project was a very open architecture,” said Welch. “It hinges on the capability that the analysis can be shared simultaneously, not only to command and control but also to responders in the field. So it can provide immediate actionable intelligence.

“For instance, when something suspicious happens, it captures a five second clip and alerts the end-user or security responder. It works on any PDA or mass notification device and is totally compatible with all major command-and-control systems.”

Read More: http://bit.ly/smartipvideo_analytics



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