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World’s largest implementation of HD, Megapixel CCTV

J2K Video Ltd - Creators of SharpViewleading high technology PC components distributor, Scan Computers International and Y2K Video have installed the world’s largest multi-megapixel CCTV system based on SharpView. Replacing an old 30 camera analogue system that had an 80GB time lapse DVR, J2K Video designed the SharpView System to cover all areas at Scan’s premises in Lancashire which includes Offices, Customer showroom, Perimeter car parks, Goods entrances and exits and the extensive warehousing of high-end computer components. The SharpView network video recorders were built in-house by Scan’s 3XS team of server makers.

The SharpView System consists of 60 IP cameras from JVC and Arecont Vision with a range of pixel resolutions from D1 through to 2592 x 1944. Using only the highest quality Computar 1/2-inch megapixel lenses from CBC, the resulting video is outstanding. The system has drastically improved security at the high technology distributors site and plays a key role in reducing shrinkage on site, resolving disputes and providing Police with the best video evidence they have ever seen.

At over 400Mbps of actual recording rate, the throughput of data to each SharpView NVR is believed to be the highest in the industry. The extrapolated system write speed of 2,400Mbps is by far the fastest recording performance in the industry and therefore allows Scan to add more cameras as ample capacity and bandwidth are available to them in the existing SharpView NVRs.

Read More: http://www.j2kvideo.com/?p=791




2 thoughts on “World’s largest implementation of HD, Megapixel CCTV

  1. SharpView is an amazing system – the recording quality from high definition and megapixel cameras is outstanding. Anyone looking for a state of the art CCTV solution should try the range from J2K Video and check out their customers’ videos on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/SharpViewCCTV

    We have recently installed SharpView using high definition CCTV cameras at a large petro-chemical site and on the strength of the overall system performance, we have been given the global contract to upgrade more than 22 sites worldwide 🙂

    Posted by David Thorn | October 4, 2010, 11:11 pm


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