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Police Department Embraces IP Video to Revolutionize City Wide Surveillance

IndigoVision’s distributed IP Video solution is at the heart of a revolutionary surveillance system that has had a major impact on the policing of the City of Lansing, Michigan’s State Capital. Embracing IP Video technology has allowed the Police Department to develop a fully integrated Public Video Surveillance System (PVS) that has a vast reach across the city.

“We’re always looking for ways to free up patrol time for our officers, we decided that we were going to take an aggressive approach and get the equipment out there to our officers so they can be more effective and efficient,” said Lansing Police Chief, Mark Alley.”

The final IP Video solution was chosen following a side-by-side comparison, at full framerate, of systems from different vendors. Commenting on the outcome of these tests, Jeff Kludy, Chief Technology Administrator for the City of Lansing said, “With so many varying network conditions throughout our system, achieving optimal video quality and compression at 30fps were key to us choosing IndigoVision over other IP Video solutions. Another critical factor was having a ‘distributed’ architecture that didn’t allow for a single point of failure. This was a significant advantage over other systems that rely on a single ‘centralized’ server to run all of the cameras and recorders.”




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