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The City of Rochester Selects Pivot3® as a Key Component

Pivot3®, Inc., the first company to deliver virtual servers and scalable storage in a single platform, announces the City of Rochester, N.Y., has deployed Pivot3 Serverless Computing(TM) as part of its sophisticated citywide surveillance system that includes more than 100 cameras. The city’s aggressive campaign to protect its citizens and reduce crime, which leverages the power and scalability of six Pivot3 CloudBanks running Genetec Omnicast video management software, has reduced crime in hotbed areas by 80 percent.

“Our video surveillance initiative is a top priority for the city,” said Todd McCormack, an officer with the Rochester Police Department. “We have experienced tremendous success and continue to look at expanding the project. We require a storage solution that can easily and dynamically grow over time, enabling the addition of more cameras and extended retention times as video capacity evolves.”

“The city required a solution with a high level of reliability so that component or server failures wouldn’t interrupt the capture of video or the access of recorded video,” said Paul Zucker, CTO, Avrio RMS. “We heard about Pivot3 storage with embedded virtual servers from other municipalities and were convinced that applying virtualization to this environment would provide the high availability and simple expansion the city needed while staying within budget.”

Read More: http://bit.ly/smartipvideo_pivot3

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