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Integrating your POS with Video Surveillance to Prevent Theft and Liabilities

Point of Sale (POS) and Video Surveillance systems both serve important purposes on their own; however, integrating your POS system with a video surveillance system can help to prevent several types of losses and/or liabilities from happening to restaurant owners including:

1. Fraudulent credit card use – the video record of the transaction can be used to identify the person presenting and using the credit card. This will not only help to deter these types of crimes but will also assist law enforcement in the prosecution of the thieves if a crime is committed.

2. Fraudulent credit card denials – the video record of the transaction will prevent customers from challenging their credit card transactions at a later date.

3. Employee theft – the video record of the transaction, or lack of transaction, can be used to identify multiple types of employee theft including failing to charge for items, undercharging for items, overcharging for items and direct theft of money from the cash drawer.

In order for the integration of a POS with Video Surveillance to be effective there are several items that must be taken into account:

1. Transaction text overlay – the integration should allow for a text overlay to be printed into the video as each transaction is completed. This text should include a record of the entire bill including the date, time, and items ordered and total amount. When closing a bill the text should show the final bill in total. This is critical in order to properly review transactions for undercharging, overcharging or failing to charge for some items. It is not only important that the individual order be identified but also that it can be proven that the item was not added to the final bill later.

Read More: http://bit.ly/smartipvideo_pos

Thanks: Randy Bragg



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