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GeoVision Mobile Surveillance System Deployed for Bus System of Brazil

Geovision surveillance system was recently chosen by the bus system of Brazil as the mobile solution to monitor the buses with video surveillance. Being the world-renowned tourist city, as well as the most enormous bus network inside of the greatest country in South America, there are over 2,000 buses everyday commuting to and from the metro and the suburban area. The bus system of Brazil provides massive group of commuters mean of transportation in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Under such heavy traffic demand, efficient yet effective management of operation of buses becomes an inevitable issue among buses industry.

By installing the high resolution Geovision mobile video server, keeping track of complete driving record, suspicions of the past are thus resolved. The GV-Video Server provide each bus 2-4 channels of recorded screens, monitoring all road-surface traffic situations, passengers conditions in cabin, as well as ticketing procedures of driver during vehicle operation. Among the advantages, the greatest being the resolution of Full D1 Real Time, making any resource of replay video, easily and clearly recognizable.

Thanks: Geovision/SMART IP VIDEO NEWS & BLOG




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