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Proxim Wireless Network for Video Surveillance at Vancouver Winter Olympics

The Proxim Wireless Corporation’ s 4.9 GHz point-to-multi point and point-to-point products were chosen for expanding the public safety network of the city and install video surveillance cameras in regions where it is not possible to provide fiber connectivity. Proximity is a leading vendor for total outdoor and indoor wireless broadband ecosystems.

The pedestrian corridors of the city from where it was not possible for surveillance cameras to connect to the fiber backbone of the city were provided with wireless video surveillance cameras. With its widespread experience in design, installation, and monitoring of video systems and complex security integration projects, ADT Advanced Integration/Intercon Security, has been able to incorporate a number of Pelco’s IP-encoded zoom/tilt/pan cameras and Avigilon’s multipixel cameras throughout the network.

The city had contacted the MDT and ADT, as part of the total situational awareness security initiative for the Winter Olympics, to protect tourists and visitors to the event in a better way. The expansion of the city’s fiber network to the regions requiring video surveillance was ruled out due to the available budget and time frame. The city therefore selected the Tsunami QB.11 4954 point-to-point radios and the Tsunami MP.11 4954 point-to-multi-point radios from Proxim to offer the wireless backhaul and connectivity to these surveillance cameras.

After evaluating various wireless solutions MDT and ADT selected Proxim based on the value and performance provided by Proxim’s products during earlier deployments with MDT. During other events in the future, the city will be able to re-deploy the Proxim radios easily for camera connectivity wherever required.




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