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ACTi Cloud Computing Technology helps end users to leverage IP video

ACTi has released its latest video host service in the cloud which is embedded with several add-on software applications. Its new SaaS (Software as a Service) platform upgrades ACTi IP security system to Cloud Computing Technology. With this SaaS, ACTi makes a first step in the IP industry to turn traditional security management into modern science.

As Cloud Computing Technology starts to change our society, ACTi pioneers Video Hosting Service that can store the data of IP camera-captured videos by a remote server. This Cloud Computing Technology helps end users to leverage IP video surveillance functions with a hosted service.

Moreover, ACTi takes the leads to launch a series of self-developed value-added applications to this market, such as video analytics service, broadcasting service, smart phone service and access control integration service (some coordinated with GOOGLE MAP). In addition, ACTi also innovates PaaS (Platform as a Service) for IP video surveillance to the market and provides SDK to strategic partners to develop SaaS (Software as a Service) application.

To fulfill different demands, ACTi also offers Project Service designed to fit the project in various vertical market applications, such as IP video analysis (performing Virtual Fence etc), license plate recognition, POS Integration, video wall system as well as access control system and etc.

ACTi develops advanced IP surveillance solution to this changing market, ranging from multi-megapixel cameras to project-based vertical application and finally to hosted cloud computing services.




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