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SMART IP VIDEO, Video Surveillance


  • Single and multiple dvr, ip camera, and video encoder stream support
  • Support for 95 manufacturers and 500+ models.
  • Video encoder support (selected models) for analog cameras
  • Support for authentication
  • Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom (not available on all models)
  • Use of trackball (when available) to move camera
  • Ability to change ip address and port as desired for internal and remote use.
  • Direct stream support. No video going through 3rd party servers
  • No monthly or annual subscription fee
  • Support for landscape and portrait mode (currently only Storm)
  • Function to easily change cameras while viewing. ‘Previous Camera’ and ‘Next Camera’ function in menu while viewing to automatically change camera.
  • Function to automatically rotate through cameras based on time period. For instance set the application to rotate to the next camera every 30 seconds automatically
  • Function to save jpg snapshot to local media
  • Support for MJPG and JPG codecs as supported. Mjpg is preferred method of video streaming when supported. Jpg used for jpg refresh (when jpg not supported) and snapshot.  MPG4 is in beta for supported cameras.

Read More:  http://bit.ly/cNt3qi




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