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The NYC terrorist threat and how video analytics could have prompted a faster response

The recent bomb scare in New York City served as a wake-up call, highlighting that the U.S. is still vulnerable to an attack within our country. Though investigators say the bomb they found inside a parked car was not very sophisticated, it’s clear that terrorists with the determination and deadly materials could cause serious harm.

The incident also highlighted the need for increased safety and security in municipalities across the country. What many cities and towns have found, though, is that the costs associated with 24/7 manned surveillance can be staggering. Security guards and police officers are necessary and important, but they can’t keep their eyes on all areas all of the time.

So, how can we deal with these ongoing threats? Sadly, it is likely there will never be a time when the threat completely disappears. But there are technology advances that are making it possible to greatly increase security, while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with it.

Read more >>> http://bit.ly/9VWBSP

Thanks: Mark Gally/GSN



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