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Most companies i meet today and that are in need of Video Surveillance (or they think they need video surveillance) often dont know why they need it and what they want to get out of a video security system. My first question is always whats your goal, what do you ant to know……………………. and out of the 10 times i get maybe one time a reasonable answer.

When they are visited by an installer or integrator i always hear the tech specs, so i need this system because its doing 25fps @ 640×480 or they have intelligent m0tion detection. So they tell me why they have to buy that system from that installer, they dont tell why they need a video security system. My response is packed in one sentence; “its not about the picture its about the information in the picture, when you get this information, how you get this information and what are the actions you can take.

The biggest market for video security is not the +50 cam installations on one location… it are the smaller SMB’s that are creating a huge market (nr. 1 one reason why cloud video securty will be dominant in a few years). And do these users want a complete NVR system with great matrix option, I/O integration, PTZ joy-sticks, possible integration with 150 USD per channel analytics, option for POS integration and 100’s of other never used feature by the normal user. No, these customers want a easy to install system that gives them the information when they want it, where they want it and how they want it.

The customer does not want to pay 600 Euro  for a four cam NVR system (only software, than calculate the HW and cams…so lets say 3500 Euro) that is only doing some basic motion detection and that gives him a lot functionality yes, when he is spending 24/7 behind his monitor to watch live video. But it does nog give easy availability of recorded video, it does not give him smart analytics that helps him getting the right information. No it gives him a lot costs, data he will never use again and frustration

The time is there for vendors and developers to develop easy to use video security solutions, if the existing players dont do it they will be over walked by new players that understand the user needs, and they are not getting complete horny about one small cool feature , THEY like!

Just create something without all the old DVR functionality, create something that people can easy connect to via Internet, create things together with social media services, make it easy to install ,…. just make it easier and cheaper, create SDK’s that are easy to use, open your system for facebook connect for example! (Buy an IPAD and look what i mean with creating something thats easy to use!)




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