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Network Camera, SMART IP VIDEO

IP Fixed Dome Cameras from Basler Entering the market

With their vandal-resistant aluminum housings and an operating temperature range from -35° C to +50° C (-31° F to +122° F), Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras allow video surveillance in outdoor applications and under tough indoor conditions.

Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras are especially energy efficient. All camera functions, including the fan and heater, can be powered using standard PoE (Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af Class 0). Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras have a built-in micro SDHC card slot that can be used for local file storage.

All Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras offer the same functionalities as their “box” counterparts. This includes true day/night functionality for night and low light applications while providing outstanding image quality from the best Sony CCD sensors.

The dome camera models also feature multiple streaming using several MJPEG streams, or using multiple MJPEG streams with an MPEG-4 or an H.264 stream at the same time.

Basler IP Fixed Dome Cameras can easily be mounted on a wall or ceiling, and an internal three-axis camera bracket allows complete flexibility when aiming the camera. For optimal mounting, Basler’s accessories portfolio includes a suspended ceiling kit and a wall bracket kit.




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