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Video analytics chip speeds up

Texas Instruments (TI) announced a DaVinci video processor with “smart analytics,” claimed to offer three times the video performance of its predecessor. Designed for video surveillance and security applications, the DMVA2 supports 720P video at 30fps and 1080p at 15fps, and is offered with an IP camera reference design from Appro.

The DMVA2 SoC offers three times the video performance of the entry-level DMVA1 video processorannounced last month, claims TI. The new SoC also debuts TI’s “Smart Codec Technology,” which is said to provide up to five times the bit rate reduction compared to the DMVA1, for improved video quality and network bandwidth. The DMVA2 is pin- and software- compatible with the DMVA1, as well as with the DM365 andDM368 DaVinci video processors, according to TI.

40 percent faster than the DMVA1

Like the DMVA1, the DMVA2 is equipped with an ARM926EJ-S core. Clock rate is not listed, but TI says the core provides more than 40 percent faster host processor performance than the DMVA1’s core, which is clocked at 300MHz.

Thanks: Linuxdevices.com



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