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SMART IP VIDEO SOLUTION : Mirasys Spotter allows users to view surveillance images via their iPhone or iPad

Mirasys Ltd has launched Mirasys Spotter, a family of intuitive, easy-to-use applications for remote access to video surveillance footage. The first Spotter applications allow users to view surveillance images via the iPhone or iPad. Now, business users with a Mirasys video management system (VMS) will be able to access CCTV footage which includes both real-time and recorded video remotely, and can also benefit from email alerts to notify the end-user when security incidents occur.

Spotter addresses key challenges of traditional local surveillance monitoring. Authorised personnel can use the Spotter application when roaming, whether that be on site, or from elsewhere. This improves efficiency by allowing CCTV operators a more flexible method of working. Mirasys has used developments in CCTV imagery which has resulted from the introduction of megapixel cameras to address the need for real-time tracking of CCTV footage, and with the introduction of the Spotter application, Mirasys provides the video surveillance operator with an intuitive, mobile and efficient way to carry out their work.

The Spotter for iPhone takes advantage of the touch screen user interface of the mobile device and brings real-time and recorded video images from Mirasys recorders to the phone’s screen. Spotter further enables efficient and fast alerting procedures for initiating responsive actions in case of incidents, and also enables the easy sharing of images via email which means users can quickly extract stills for forensic investigations away from the central VMS console. To connect to the network, both wireless hotspots and 3G mobile networks can be utilised.

Mirasys is the first to bring a remote monitoring application to the iPad, and the Spotter for iPad solution is now available just a few weeks after the Global launch of the versatile tablet device. Spotter for iPad supports the same user-friendly functions as Spotter for iPhone, but takes advantage of the larger screen size and higher resolution. With Spotter for iPad, Mirasys presents the first mobile video surveillance presentation tool with enough performance functions for daily professional use.




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