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Leading CSOs agree that social networking is an 'overhyped threat'

……………………….A overhyped threat and 75% of the CSO’s ban Social Media accept for Linkedin, linkedin is acceptable…..?

A live poll of the CSOs (including representatives from many of the UK’s leading enterprises) revealed that CSOs view social networking as the most overhyped threat above other possible threats such as data leakage, targeted and non-targeted attacks, internal fraud and active economic warfare.

70% of those polled consider centralising data with a cloud computing solution as an opportunity, while 30% view it as a risk.

The lively discussion on cloud computing concluded that there was an urgent need for a common set of industry standards to enable companies to evaluate and compare alternative cloud providers. The consensus was that there’s an unstoppable move towards cloud computing, and that the industry needs to focus on developing Best Practices on how to choose and deploy cloud computing solutions.

Ban on social networking

On the subject of social networking, discussions indicated a strong preference for companies to ban social networking sites (with the notable exception of LinkedIn, which most companies consider acceptable). 75% of companies – a number largely unchanged since last year’s poll – revealed that their organisations had chosen to ban social networking, recognising that this was due to its impact on productivity as much as on security.  >>> Read More

Thanks:  Brian Sims – Info4Security



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