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How a Homeschool Family Tests a Video Surveillance Camera

My boys were standing with me when the Amazon Vine newsletter was released. This is an online list of products that are being offered to me. I can request usually two items to test. Most of the time these are books but on this day last month one item was a home or small business video security system, a video surveillance camera with video recording ability and a motion activation option.

My sons begged me to get it.

We already have a very good home security alarm with monitoring by a professional company. Well now we have a video system that we control! This is a small unit with one camera that retails for just under $300.

My twelve year old hooked it up in less than fifteen minutes. It was that easy.

The first test was done by doing live monitoring in the living room with the kids jumping around and walking past it. Fine and well.

The second test was testing the night vision by putting the camera inside a huge fort made using the couch and its cushions and blankets the kids took off their beds. One kid went inside and made faces while the other watched the television screen to see that indeed the camera has night vision and we can see in the dark.

The data card was defective and we could not record until we took the card out of my camera and changed the formatting to accept the video camera’s data.

We set up the camera outdoors (it is an indoor/outdoor product). At night we placed a too-old piece of ham from Easter on the grass and set the camera to record by motion detection. We wondered what animal would come to eat the ham. We took bets, two of us said a raccoon and two of us said a coyote. (We have a coyote den in the neighborhood and it is seen in the morning by the kids waiting for the bus stop regularly.)

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One thought on “How a Homeschool Family Tests a Video Surveillance Camera

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    Posted by Ale Mo | June 3, 2010, 2:36 am

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