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IQinVision helps Loomis to ensure that all procedures and security processes are adhered to

In Denmark, Loomis utilizes a number of security measures where video surveillance plays an essential role. Every day, IQeye HD megapixel cameras in the company’s Glostrup and Brabrand office locations help to ensure that all procedures and security processes are adhered to. In so doing, Loomis makes sure that every instance of cash handling is documented so any eventual irregularity can quickly be resolved.

The surveillance technology is based on IQeye forensic-quality video images fed to Milestone Systems open platform XProtect Corporate IP video management software. With just a few clicks, operators can control different cameras at the same time and view the live or archived video from any location. Cameras monitor the offices’ entrances and exits, cash handling areas, receiving and deliveries, in addition to the outer perimeters of the premises.

After experiencing the largest robbery in Denmark’s history in April 2008, Loomis immediately went to work reviewing all their procedures and systems to further improve security so as to effectively minimize the chances of any future robbery.
Now, when an employee is hired, he or she must go through a series of security procedures, including credit and police arrest record checks.

Even with these and additional new precautions, it is still necessary to have an extra guarantee of accountability, which the video surveillance ensures. Today, there are cameras deployed throughout employee work stations. The zoom functions in the Milestone software combined with IQinVision HD megapixel technology deliver the sharpest images of money bags being opened, and the money counting is monitored from several different angles.

The video information can be compared with the customers’ records so any eventual differences can be revealed and resolved. This saves time and provides thorough documentation and integrity for the asset management process.

“With the video surveillance system, we can document that we do our work properly and this strengthens our objective role with our customers. The video also helps us ensure things for our employees: should anything questionable come up, we can immediately go back in the recorded video and see that the task was handled correctly. The video monitoring makes it possible for us to live up to our promise of transparency and documentation for our customers,” said Andersen

Thanks: SecurityPark/SMART IP VIDEO BLOG



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