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ONVIF Compatible Touchscreen Surveillance Management System

Codestuff releases Quorum Touch, a touchscreen solution for use in CCTV monitoring applications as well as a video management system for up to 16 camera installations

Codestuff, a provider of innovative video management systems, has launched the world’s first purpose-built touchscreen based CCTV monitoring, recording and management system. Quorum Touch is the result of a 12 month development programme at West Lothian based Codestuff, which has designed the innovative system for up to 16 camera installations combining all the elements of a traditional multi-part CCTV system into a single, self contained desktop device.

“Quorum Touch is unique as the interface is designed with a touchscreen user in mind and not just a normal desktop CCTV management system stuck into a touch environment,” explains David Ritchie, Managing Director, Codestuff “Operations like pan, tilt and zoom are all handled effortlessly and elements like icons, buttons and alerts are designed to be accessed by touch with minimal training.”

The sub £1000 is available in several hardware versions and supports up to 4, 8 or 16 CCTV cameras from the top 20 CCTV manufacturers as well as the majority of OEM brands. The unit supports H.264, MPEG4, MxPEG and Motion JPEG video formats and is also compatible to the emerging ONViF standard and supports Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connections.

“Unlike other products that have simply had traditional interfaces added to a touch screen while still requiring additional NVR’s, storage or servers on site – everything needed to run a full record and monitoring station is within each Quorum Touch,” explains Ritchie.

Under normal conditions, the Touch will store around 7 days of footage from 4 IP cameras running up to MegaPixelquality. The Touch uses the same core platform as the rest of the Quorum range which allows control of auxiliary devices such as door openers, alarm systems, lights, speaker phones, public address systems and barriers to be integrated directly into the Touch interface. The unit has a wide range of applications but is particular suited to retail premises, gatehouses, reception areas and high value private premises.

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