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OzVision video security tech hits the cloud

The cloud has become a part of the video security market with the introduction of a new technology from OzVision America LLC of Woburn. Unlike traditional video surveillance systems, OzVision’s hosted video services eliminate the VCR or digital video recorder on premises in favor of the essentially unlimited storage found by connecting to the Internet.

To make sure that its system is fully backward compatible to existing cameras and security systems, OzVision is introducing an Internet gateway device that enables any analog camera to be connected in a simple plug-and-play mode to the Internet and the hosted service.

“We are changing the game to become a service,” said Alan Avidan, president of OzVision. Traditionally, a company would buy a video security system that included cameras and some form of on-site storage. If an issue arose, the video could be used to find a problem or identify a culprit, but unless the video is being monitored live, there is no chance of reacting in anything close to real-time.

Storing the video in the cloud enables OzVision to offer a variety of hosted services, including being able to send five-second video snippets to a cell phone or monitoring service immediately after a trigger of some sort — say, the detection of movement in an after-hours location — giving the service an almost real-time response aspect.

OzVision has partnered with a number of product and services resellers, and its biggest win so far has been Security Network of America, a conglomerate of some 35 large monitoring stations across the United States and Canada, for which they won an open contract that could bring in $25 million over three years. But the consumer and residential markets are also in Avidan’s plans, he said, and OzVision is working to establish partner deals with the large broadband providers.

OzVision already has customers for its hosted video service, including the White House visitor’s center.

Red More: http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2010/04/12/daily53-OzVision-video-security-tech-hits-the-cloud.html

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