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DVTel unveils hosted VaaS solution

DVTel, a provider of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, will now offer its new Latitude Video Management System as a hosted, managed video surveillance offering in select markets in Latin America through a partnership with major Mexican telephone provider Telmex. According to DVTel, the offering will allow enterprise-level security directors to purchase hosted video-as-a-service from systems integrators, ISPs, and telcos. Paul Smith, EVP of DVTel, said the company is in talks with other potential partners to bring the solution to the United States, but no deals have yet been solidified.

“Currently, we’re doing something pretty unique,” said Smith. “Telmex has the front and DVTel Mexico is behind the scenes. I don’t know if this would be the case in other countries,” Smith said. “In the United States, if someone in Chicago is going to do this, you want it to be the same as someone in San Francisco, as the same in Dallas, as the same in Boston. It has to be consistent across the country—all the processes and all the systems have to be set up and aligned. It’s 10 percent about our software and our cameras and it’s 90 percent about our processes.”

Smith said the solution takes VaaS to a new level, branching out from video at a single location to video across multiple locales. “There are a number of companies that have some sort of video SaaS solution … One thing about those services is that they’re targeted at the mass market, at high-end residential, at small office or home office applications. What DVTel has gone into is an enterprise management video service solution,” Smith said. “That’s where we step up to another level—a bank customer can see all of its branches as if it were one system.”

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