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360 Video Security had been around for some time now but it never made the real jump from promising and cool technology to a serious part of any Video Security solution. With the growth of vendors producing and selling 360 technology its expected to see a good growth the coming years in thsi market. The benefist are evident but there are stil some issues that keeps 360 from growing sky high.

A few Benefits of 360 IP VIDEO SECURITY:

– Replacing several cameras with one 360 Camera (this is a argument thats debated a lot but with the growth of resolution this should be reality soon)

– The big problem with fixed cameras and pan-tilt-zoom cameras is that they’re never facing in the right direction when something happens, with 360 you always have the right view.

– 360 Video win combination with Video Analytics will be be a Killer App, several vendors are already developing solutions for this

– Eliminate blind spots &  Heighten situational awareness Improve the reaction time of First Responder

At this point we see 3 leading technologies/solutions. Fisheyehe is the most most well known technology, already several years ago IPIX tried to build this market but never had  real success. Main reason was the fact that at that point there was no integration with any of the leading Video Management System’s. The leader in this space is Sentry360 (www.sentry360.com).

Immervision (www.immervision.com) from Canada is creating a technology called Panamorph, not very different from Fisheye but with a slight advantage in the pixel count. Another difference is the view, Panamorph is having an oval shaped view and Fisheye is round, from the oval the extra pixels are coming. The 3rd “technology” is used by for example Arecont and Avigilon (www.arecont.com/www.avigilon.com), here they use multiple lenses (so cameras) in one package. The benefits against the other “one lens” technologies are simple, more resolution, but the downside is more bandwidth.

The key to success is integration, integration with NVR’s, with analytics solutions etcetera!





  1. Interesting article!

    I agree with you that panoramic cameras/lenses are becoming increasingly useful. The one downside of panoramic and PTZ cameras is that, when you have a lot of them, it becomes hard to orient yourself and to follow people from one camera to another. This is where our solution, Omnipresence 3D, delivers a lot of value when integrated with 360 lenses/cameras. Take a look at this demo:


    With a mix of 360, fixed and PTZ cameras you can basically see an entire perimeter or floor all at once.

    Christian Laforte
    President, Feeling Software Inc.

    Posted by Christian Laforte | April 23, 2010, 6:08 pm
  2. Christian,
    I probably find this article more interesting than you as I have no idea who posted it, where it came from and yet it has my name attached. We do deal in 360 degree video solutions see press release below.

    DOO Technologies Break Their Silence.

    This year the company launched a camera system that should either interest or concern us all. If you are of the belief like most people that there are enough CCTV cameras watching us daily then you’re probably not going to like what you are about to read.

    The camera system in question is a total capture 360 degree real time system integrated with PTZ cameras with recognition software. I’ll explain what all that means.

    The company has developed a camera that captures and records the complete environment in 360 degree video missing nothing. The 360 degree video is transited to a control room in real time where the spherical video image is fully navigable and big brother can see everything. Doesn’t‎ sound so bad so far? Then read on.

    I’m in a room where a man sits behind a monitor viewing and navigating the 360 degree video image transmitted from the camera, he moves the cursor and clicks onto an area which activates adjacent pan, tilt and zoom cameras armed with recognition and behavioural software such as face and movement to lock into that area.

    I can be walking along the street and if ‘the man behind the monitor’ clicks the cursor on me then I would look up to see cameras locked onto me and following me whilst the recognition and behavioural software’s are monitoring and assessing me.

    So who would be interested in this latest 360 degree video technology? I’m told everyone in the surveillance and security business from companies looking for simple 360 degree video record only solutions to governments looking for more sophisticated surveillance solutions.

    Since the launch in January this year there are a number of pilot projects already in progress including mobile units, police and government agencies in certain counties are running pilot projects with the 360 degree camera installed on patrol vehicles as well as unmarked vehicles providing video information that until now would have been missed and if the projects prove to be successful they will run nationwide.

    Are we in danger of becoming a policed state I ask? ‘’We are in the business of delivering the latest 360 degree video technology to governments and companies in order that they can always be one step ahead”.

    I’m told that technology like this is in the interest of national security and we have to understand and appreciate that CCTV is a valuable tool against crime and threats with cutting edge surveillance systems like this one on the increase.

    Press release: 12th April 2010
    Contact name: Nishiya

    Posted by David Carrigan | April 25, 2010, 9:24 am

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